Where love and music collide, you will find The Waters. An acoustic duo whose core consists of singer/songwriter Krystal Baker and guitarist Sturgis Waters based out of Phoenix AZ, they bring a minimalist approach to progressive folk-rock music. Her haunting vocals combined with his colorful guitar melodies blend to create a fabric of intimate conversation. The modest and dynamic aspects of the duo create an authentic experience. Once compared to a more multidimensional yet similar vocal sound to that of Natalie Merchant, coupled by his guitar stylings reminiscent of Tim Reynolds, you will find a great combination of distinctive yet familiar sounds. Playing both their original songs as well as unique arrangements of other artists, their love of music is something we can all connect with.

Depending on the occasion, The Waters’ lineup may include fellow musicians and friends, Alex Kyhn on bass, Mike Florio on drums, and Michael Levin on cello.

Their most recent studio produced album “4321” has sold over 2500 copies since it’s release in March 2011, and is available on iTunes.