The Crown Kings are widely renowned as the party band in Arizona. Their set list is a collection of high-energy songs spanning over four decades of the finest Rock-n-roll party music. No phony backing tracks or sound effects. These boys ROCK! With their professional stage presence and powerful energy, the ‘Kings consistently pack the dance floor from start to finish. Audience participation is strongly encouraged. The Crown Kings have two self-titled CDs of original music. Their songs encompass both the varied influences of the band members and the feel of the hot-as-hell Sonoran Desert. The music is a blend of strong hooks, dynamic lyric content, and a blend of Rock, Pop and a touch of the South that is sure to appeal to a wide-ranging audience. With original songs such as the in-your-face-attitude of “Don’t Care” to the sweet ballad “Miracle Mile”, you can bet this band appeals to a large and diverse audience.

The Crown Kings can readily adapt to any audience and pride themselves on turning even the smallest gathering into a full fledged, no holds barred event! Whether you’re a bar owner/manager, a skinny frat geek with a keg of beer, or in need of clean-cut fellas to play your nephew’s Bar-Mitzvah, The Crown Kings will keep the party going strong… Hell, they ARE the party!