Sydney Sprague is a Singer/Songwriter/Musician born and raised in Austin, Texas but currently located in Phoenix, Arizona. Sydney’s captivating and engaging songs, voice, and personality bring a refreshing relate-ability to her audience and fans everywhere. Releasing her first acoustic EP in early 2008 (the aptly titled You Gotta Start Somewhere), Sydney quickly established herself as a songwriter that defies standard genre fare. She has since released 4 EP’s, garnering stellar reviews from the Phoenix New Times and Grammy-winning songwriters Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick, as well as comparisons to widely varied female songwriters such as Katy Perry, Feist and Stevie Nicks, and Joni Mitchell. Sydney’s material runs the gamete from strongly emotive pop music to forceful adult alternative and americana. She is currently getting ready to release 2 new EPS in 2017 and keeping busy with a rigorous public performance schedule. You can hear Sydney’s music and find out more at