Steve McFate
Owner, Fate Brewing Company

Although I enjoyed many years in my previous career (finance), it was clear to me it was time for a change as 2008 rolled around. Markets tumbling, credit markets seizing, retirement accounts being wiped out, consumers tightening their belts, what a great time to turn a hobby into a new career right?

It didn’t help that I had no experience in the dream I was chasing. Not to say experience is a necessity for everyone, but I knew it was for me. Yes, I had years of home brewing experience, but I’d never worked in a brewery, never worked in a restaurant and really didn’t know much about the inter-workings of the craft beer industry. Perfect timing indeed!

I needed a plan and that plan ended up including a couple years of research, attending a tech school (Siebel Institute), cobbling together a bunch of used brewing equipment and then moving to Colorado to get a year’s worth of hands on brewery/restaurant experience. What a blast… I learned just enough to be dangerous, but let’s face it, I needed to pull the trigger and open a brewery or get back to a “real job!”

Fate’s first location finally opened in November of 2012 with the help of good friends, family, a great crew and a very talented head brewer, Adam Schmeichel. This location is a 50 seat brewpub that includes a 7 barrel brew-house and a simple wood-fired pizza kitchen. Although our initial set-up was tiny, we managed to brew over 160 different beers our first two years. Needless to say, it’s fun to switch things up. Our fall seasonal beer, the “Candy Bar Milk Stout” won a silver medal at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

August 2015 brought a second, much larger FBC location to south Scottsdale, an area in which I grew up. As fate would have it, our new location once housed a restaurant called Café Casino, a place my bicycle racing team frequently visit after our training rides as a young teenager.

The new location gives us the opportunity to brew larger batches of crowd favorite beers as well expand our one-off batch and barrel-aged program (800 square foot barrel room!). Lots of extra room to spread out in our beer garden, plus enjoy additional food options.

It’s been humbling to have our beers well received by the craft beer community as well as our local neighbors – it’s been a fun fate.