Rachael Litwiller is 18 years old, from Mesa AZ. She is currently a first year student in the culinary program at EVIT under the direction of Chef Black. 


Rachael was raised in a small farming community in central Illinois. She has been cooking for as long as she can remember, spending hours in the kitchen with her mom and grandmas. Her favorite things to cook often came from old recipes handed down through the family from generations gone by. 


In 2012 her family relocated to Arizona. Rachael found her real passion for cooking after moving to the city. She immediately fell in love with the many styles and flavors offered in locally owned restaurants,  but more importantly the incredible difference sustainability and farm to table makes in the final product.


She spends any free time that she has exploring the local farmers markets and getting to know the independently and family owned food trucks and restaurants in the area. She recognizes and embraces the importance of community and working together when owning a business.


Rachael will be completing the full 2 year program for EVIT in one year by doubling up to finish the required rotations.  She is eager to get started on her culinary career.  She is a member of the National Honor Society, and well as the National Technical Honor Society. She recently competed in Paradise Valley and received honors and scholarship money to further that dream. She is currently working at the Clever Koi, owned by Chef Jared Porter. This job has really given her the opportunity to experience first hand the fast paced kitchen behind a successful restaurant. She also volunteers at the Bistro for EVIT under Chef Joe Kalfus. 


Rachael’s other interests include photography, art, and hiking.