The Lark and Key is comprised of one song bird and a keyboard player….plus drums. We are a trio of seasoned musicians, as each band member has an extensive and eclectic background in the professional industry. On top of gigging on the weekends, the L&K players all work individually throughout the week teaching music to the children of Arizona.


Our sound is a fusion of jazz and soul. Although the size of our band is small, the sound we produce is full and rich. We have a smooth balance as we interchange vocals between male and female leads. In addition, many of our pieces show off complex three part harmonies, which always keeps the audience engaged and entertained.


Although we do perform covers…we are in no way your typical “cover band.” Our music puts a jazzy refined twist on standards from all different eras and genres. We play anything from modern day pop hits to classic jazz standards, making all of the songs are own by adding a tasteful and fresh spin. We are known for bending the rules a bit by mixing songs that typically would never be paired together. We blend them in a smooth and seamless way that never fails to captivate listeners. This is beneficial because our unique set allows us to appeal to any audience or age group.. Overall the music we make is fun. It makes people want to listen and not be forced to. We always receive overwhelming feedback regarding our creativity and song selection. We truly love what we do and it shines through in our music.