LANE CHANGE began in 2013 when four passionate musicians came together for the one thing they had in common, their love for music and performing.  Over 350 shows later, they have become one of the most in-demand and talked about acts in the Southwest.

LANE CHANGE is a quartet from Phoenix, Arizona led by the dual vocal powerhouse of Myles Vann and Lizzie Shafer.  The band’s infectious guitar riffs, driving bass lines, and pounding grooves breathe new life into every genre of music they perform.  Their live show is an engaging, high energy, concert-like experience; filled with songs that will have everyone in attendance dancing, singing, and remembering the “event” that is a LANE CHANGE performance!

They have been the supporting act for many national artists including Rock and Roll Hall of Famer’s ZZ Top, and they can be found regularly headlining regional fairs, corporate events, private parties, weddings, casinos, and music festivals.

Buckle up for a musical thrill ride like no other…Buckle up for LANE CHANGE!