Greg Peterson is a urban farming and sustainability innovator who is well-known regionally. He has appeared extensively on local television and radio and is a frequent guest columnist for publications.  His mission is “inspire people to embrace their own greenness,” which he does daily by living what he speaks. 

Greg resides at the Urban Farm, an environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix, which he opens periodically for tours and classes.  He runs and Urban Farm U – both designed to educate and inspire.  As a resident of Phoenix for the last 48 years, Greg is well-versed in urban sustainability and food production in dry lands. 

He received his Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) in 2004 and Master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) in December 2006 both from Arizona State University.  Greg is currently a faculty associate professor in the School of Sustainability.  In the past 5 years he has taught 2 classes: SOS 327, Sustainable Food and Farms, and SOS 498, Local Food Systems Entrepreneurship.  For the Spring of 2016 he is tentatively teaching a class called ‘Regenerative Design in Our Food System.’  His academic training has been augmented by 40 years of real world self-study, ownership of multiple businesses and a rich background in entrepreneurship, computer training, software development and management.


Urban Farming