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Born in Florence, Italy, and inspired by his family’s love for food and his native land,
Gabriele Bertaccini discovered his passion for cooking as a young boy. At the age of thirteen,
Gabriele landed his first job at a local restaurant where he washed dishes and pans. Not too
long after that, he bought a suitcase of knives and started cooking. He never stopped ever

Gabriele attended a five-year program at the prestigious Instituto Professionale Buontalenti
per Servizi Alberghieri in Florence, Italy, where he graduated in regional, Italian cuisine and
specialized in Tuscan cooking as well as additional culinary courses including Food and
Beverage Management. He spent months practicing and learning at the best local
restaurants Italy has to offer, often working for free.
Surrounded by olive groves, cypress trees and the riches of the Arno valley, Gabriele’s
cooking developed into what is now his philosophy: Pristine ingredients, simple execution,
and great passion.

‘This is my philosophy and my way of continuing the traditions of my beautiful country,
Italy,” Chef Bertaccini said.

“Life for me it is all about celebrating the culture of food, of sharing the extraordinary
knowledge, developed over millennia, of the traditions involved with quality food
production. It is all about the sheer joy and pleasure of consuming food together and
continuing the culinary heritage. It is all about the passion for cooking simple meals, while
still indulging in decadent dishes made of wonderful ingredients with a story behind them,
with a reason to exist. It is all about remembering special moments and creating new
memories. Especially within the context of family life, cooking and eating is one of the
highest forms of cultural activity,“ he said.

Gabriele worked for numerous regional restaurants including internationally renowned and
awarded Sabatini, one of Italian’s oldest fine dining restaurants, as well as five-stars hotels
such as Grand Hotel Baglioni and Hotel Astoria. He also had pleasure of privately assisting
the Frescobaldi family and later worked as a sous chef at the ‘Frescobaldi Food & Wine Bar’.
After a few years, his passion brought him to Paris where he lived for over a year while
working as a line cook and sharpening his skills. Back in Florence, Italy, he organized food
events for several restaurants and he was first named Chef at Conquinarius, a small
boutique restaurant in the heart of the city just steps away from the Duomo of Brunelleschi.
“Every chef is a product of a place and a tradition. No matter where your suitcase of knives
and pans takes you, these things can always be sensed in your food. They give it soul. My
soul is in Florence, Italy and i feel that I have always carried the essence of the Tuscan way
of life in my knives and sauté pans,” Chef Bertaccini said.

“Whatever else i may do in life, i am proudest of the fact that i can always say, ‘I am a chef of

Chef Bertaccini currently travels the world but spends most of his culinary life between Los
Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona, where he is the Executive Chef and Founder of
award-winning iL TOCCO FOOD, a culinary experiences company focused on creating and
providing memorable, personalized culinary events all over the world. iL TOCCO FOOD was
quickly named one of the best dining event companies in the country and expanded its
success to other cities such as London, New York City, San Francisco and, of course,
Florence, Italy.

In 2016 iL TOCCO FOOD was named as one of the top-5 culinary event companies in the
country by the prestigious FOOD & WINE MAGAZINE.

He also organizes and directs the CULINARY MISCHiEF, Arizona’s first invitation-only
underground roving event where thirty passionate food and wine lovers are invited to come
together in an elegant loft space or unique location to share an exclusive underground
dining experience with friends or people with similar interests. The monthly six-course
food and wine tasting event quickly gained national and local raving reviews and in 2010
expanded to Los Angeles and New York City.

In 2015 Chef Gabe launched his latest culinary adventure, THE {UN}OFFICIAL taking place
in one of the most exclusive private kitchens and locations in the Valley. Featuring a single
Chef’s table and an ever-changing menu the event quickly became one of the top-selling and
most sought after dining experiences in the Southwest.

THE {UN}OFFICIAL was named TOP 5 Over-The-Top dining experiences by Food & Wine
Magazine and also by Scottsdale Luxury Magazine.

Chef Gabe has been the first Arizona based chef without a physical restaurant to be selected
to be a part of the James Beard Foundation Taste of America dinner, one of the finest and
most important culinary organizations in the world.

Chef Gabe and his Staff continue providing memorable dining events to some of the most
exclusive clients including an array of VIPs, politicians, musicians and actors whose passion
and love for great food and wine goes far beyond the simple act of eating.
Chef Bertaccini was the recipient of 40 UNDER 40 2016 by the important PHOENIX
BUSINESS JOURNAL, BEST OF THE VALLEY 2011 and 2012 award by luxury magazine
appeared in several publications including Green Living Magazine, Food & Wine and the
Gambero Rosso.

During his career, Chef Bertaccini has been the Food Editor for multiple publications and
currently writes as a freelancer for several other food magazines. He is also a featured food
columnist for Green Living AZ Magazine.
Chef Gabe also has a weekly show on NBC, Arizona Midday in addition to appear weekly on
Channel 3, Your Life A to Z, as a featured guest chef as well as other local as well as national
TV networks.

In addition to his Culinary Degree and Master Gabriele holds a double undergraduate
degree from Arizona State University in Business International Marketing from W.P. Carey
School of Business and in Public Relations and Journalism from Cronkite School of
Journalism and Mass Communication and a Master in Media and Mass Communication.