No, they are NOT an Elvis Presley tribute band. Elvis Before Noon is much more like that cool band that plays down the street in your neighborhood, a band of guys that just happened to meet and love to perform music to please anyone listening. Daylon Greer, is the band’s primary vocalist and songwriter and from the beginning, the group has been writing and recording its own original songs. Their well-crafted power pop numbers and early 90s vibe reminiscent of the twangy “desert sound” that made Tempe famous has garnered them opportunities to mingle with legacies that went from local to national such as Gin Blossoms and Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. Outside of that, they have also become known for set lists full of a wide range of favorites, ranging from Johnny Cash classics to Weezer cuts, Motown, rockabilly, The Beatles, and actually, even an Elvis song or two. You can catch them locally (Sundays at The Vig Arcadia) at various East Valley venues, special events and festivals and even down South in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) especially in June during Roger Clyne’s festival, “Circus Mexicus.” You can also download EBN’s original songs on iTunes.