Culinary Demos

Demonstrations will be conducted on both our indoor stage and in an outdoor demonstration tent. Check back for the schedule of these great topics.

Cactus Fruits – Chmachyakyaka
Foraging in the desert’s pantry: learn about the delicious fruits that our prickly plants produce and why various cactus fruits
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Craft Chocolate from Bean to Bar – Zak’s Chocolate
Delve into the dark web of delight in this demo that will cover craft chocolate from bean to bar. Jim
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Fermented Vegetables – Garden Goddess Ferments
How to make fermented vegetables at home and why you should eat fermented foods every day
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From-scratch Mexican Chorizo – Joy Bus
From-scratch Mexican Chorizo: a blend of authentic spices coupled with Tender Belly Heritage Ground Pork.
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Making Low Carb Mexican Food
Chef Anthony Serrano shows how to take some of the carbs out of Mexican cooking for a healthy way to
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Quick and Easy Dishes Anyone Can Make at Home Using Challenge Dairy Products
Basic skills and a little creativity can take your everyday cooking to the next level. Suzanne Clark from Challenge Dairy
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Spice it up!
Master the art of developing new flavor combinations using herbs and spices and learn how spices enhance certain flavors. Presented
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Teaspressa shows you the fine and fascinating aspects of one of mankind’s oldest beverages.
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