Banana Gun shows are an event, not just a few guys and a girl strapping on their instruments to wank through their catalogue. Banana Gun does exactly what you want a band to do on stage: Lay it all out. No BS. No hustle. Often, their set lists include only the instructions: “just the hitters, no quitters.”

Banana Gun’s sound is described as bluesy, jammy, eclectic, and jazzy. But, we all know that “jazzy” is catch-all musical term too many music critics use when they don’t fully know how to describe a band that incorporates so many influences. Banana Gun actually has never approached writing or playing music with the intent of fitting into a comfy description; not to say that they don’t. Their sound fits anywhere is comfortable in a 1000 plus venue or your neighborhood dive bar. Releasing their eponymous ‘Banana Gun’ in 2010 and then ‘The Elephant in the Room’ in 2012 (which was voted Top Ten Digital Download of 2012 by Amazon Music Editors), Banana Gunn then toured the Southwest and California before releasing their latest album ‘Love.Instinct’ in March 2014. Their most recent EP, “I and the Me’ was recorded and released December 2014 as part of their five year anniversary.

Banana Gun is one of those bands that lay everything on the line for each other. Writing, recording, or playing live, they do it for each other and hopefully you’re lucky enough to be there to see it.

Banana Gun is: Kevin Loyd – Guitar & Vocals / Ross Troost – Bass / Ian Breslin – Drums / Nic Dehaan – Guitar / Kyle Parks – Saxophone & Vocals