Fan:  What’s your real name?
Angela: Angela Marie Ferrari

Fan:  Really…Your last name is actually Ferrari?  It’s not your stage name?
Angela:  Angela Ferrari is my real name…no stage name needed.  What you see and hear is all me…the real Angela Ferrari…LOL.

Fan:  Where did you grow up?
Angela:  Well… I was born on March 7 (Pisces!), in San Diego, CA. But we moved to Gallup, New Mexico when I was very young and I grew up there.

Fan: What jobs have you had?
Angela: Soooo many….

  • Private investigator asst.
  • Waitress (I was a horrible waitress and got fired from about 10 waitressing jobs)
  • Bartender
  • Graduated from black jack dealer school but hated it so never pursued it
  • Bar manager
  • Real Estate
  • Carpet Sales Rep
  • Roofing sales Rep
  • Booking Agent
  • Beauty Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Reiki Energy Healer
  • Eyelash Extension Business
  • Performance teacher for kids

Fan:  Have you had any formal vocal training?
Angela:  I am self-taught.  I had my father set up a speaker and a microphone in my room.  I would record my favorite artists and MTV videos and watch them hundreds of times.  I would observe every little detail all the way down to how they were moving their mouths when they sang.  I took a few vocal lessons here and there after I became a performer.

Fan:  What singers inspired you while you were growing up?
Angela:  My first cassette tape was Cyndi Lauper.  I listened to it until it broke.  I was inspired by Madonna’s charisma.  I once actually tried to tattoo a mole above my upper lip to match hers and it got infected and turned green. Later I found out that her mole was fake and I was PISSED!!!  I was also inspired by Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Jewel to name a few.  Randomly, I came across my dad’s Michael Bolton music and I’ve loved his voice ever since.

Fan:  What artists inspired your recently dropped album?
Angela:  Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine and Lorde to name a few.

Fan:  What are your songs about?
Angela:  They’re hints to ownership of our realities.  There’s a journey through pain that brought about the realization of power.  And then there’s just some good ol’ flirty stuff. 

Fan:  Any colorful stories about singing when you were young???
Angela:   I had many challenges growing up -being bullied, etc. and singing was the most beautiful outlet for me.  It was an acceptable way for me to scream and get the energy out.

Fan:  Who wrote & produced your songs?
Angela:  Myself and Derrick Reed

Fan:  When’s the first time you sang?
Angela:  My mom and grandpa used to sing us lullabies. I would try to mimic them at an early age of 2ish.

Fan:  When did you know that you would be a professional singing artist?
Angela:  I knew this at a very young age.  It was something I knew but never really talked about because it felt almost like a private knowing of something. I would have visions of it.  I was not very supported in it.  I was told it was a far fetched dream.  But it was in my bones, it was in my blood…it chose me. 

Fan:  Most memorable moment performing.
Angela:  I was asked to perform at W Hollywood’s celebrity jazz night with very well known musicians surrounding me.  I was so nervous leading up to it.  But once I was on stage it was like everything disappeared. I rocked the shit out of that show.  It was confirmation for me that I was more than ready for a bigger stage. 

Fan:  What was the scariest moment in your career?
Angela:  I was in the corporate world and had a well paying job with all sorts of material things.  The light in my eyes was dimming though.  It was as if I was chasing one high after the next but nothing was sustainable.  New car, new dress…etc.  So one day I booked a solo trip to Bali.  When I came back I quit my job and declared I was going to start singing.  This was during the time when everyone was running around scared saying, “hold on to your jobs!  we’re nearing the next Great Depression!”.  I didn’t know how it was going to work out, but somehow I knew it would.  It was very hard at first -I was broke.  But the love I had for singing superseded the fear of the unknown.  So I just kept going.  And it all worked out better then I could’ve conceived at the time.  I was attracting things that matched the love I had for what I was doing.  That’s why today I stand for people doing what they love.  It’s the Master Key to this thing we call life…in my humble opinion.

Fan:  Are you married?  Do you have any kids?
Angela:  Nope..I’m Single and no kids.  I have an amazing dog. He’s a Shi Tzu named Mortimer Bartholomew.