Helio Basin Badge


With a background in Pharmaceutical Science, Dustin left the research world to attend the Siebel Institute’s World Brewing Academy in Chicago, IL several years ago. After completing the coursework there, he went on to start his brewing career at Ellicottville Brewing Company in Western New York, getting to apply all aspects of his learned technical brewing skills in the 1,000 bbl/year setup.

After two years in Ellicottville, Dustin left for an opportunity to brew at Arizona’s largest craft brewery, Four Peaks Brewing Company in Tempe. Dustin was there while the operation expanded from around 18,000 bbls per year to close to 40,000 as both a brewpub and distribution brewery. After about three years in the Valley, a large opportunity arose. A friendly phone call from Southern Tier founder Phin DeMink, sharing plans of an upcoming brewhaus expansion as well as other new projects, led Dustin back to Western New York. He was the Head Brewer with Southern Tier Brewing Company for almost four years where he was in charge of all brewing operations, commissioning the new 110 bbl Steinecker brewhaus, along with new 660 bbl and 880 bbl fermenters, cellar and yeast automation and a new state of the art centrifuge. During that time, they grew from around 40,000 bbls per year to producing over 100,000 bbls per year, becoming one of the top 35 breweries in the country.

Now back in the Valley of the sun, he is excited to get Helio Basin Brewing Company established for all to enjoy.

“I feel very fortunate to have been a part of three great breweries throughout my career and to have learned and worked alongside some of the best people you could hope to meet. The camaraderie of the industry has really shown through, as everyone has been very supportive with this endeavor and we are looking forward to making great beer, great food and establishing a sense of community here at Helio Basin Brewing.” – Dustin Hazer