PRENA MIRCHANDANI | SensMood Founder & Fragrance Connoisseur
    Prena has two decades of olfactory experience in the consumer products and food industry. She can connect perfumes emotion, color and flavor to bottle design. She will take you on a journey to squeeze the creative juices while exploring the power of your senses in every day life. She curated “Scent Wine Dinner Pairings” to share unique experiences and “Perfume your Wedding day” to capture your wedding scent forever. 
    Two decades ago, I interviewed with a “Master Perfumer”, the creator of perfumes. He taught me, anything could be expressed through scent. Imagine, how scent captures, happiness, glamour, sport, breeze, sassy and sold in a bottle. I was fascinated to learn about sensory psychology and how secretive the industry was to the outside world. Because globally only about 500 people had a creative mind, chemistry background + “a qualified nose.”
    At home, I lived with a father who tasted wine, ice tea and ice cream for a living, yes, that’s the creator of Flavors, “A Flavorist.” Throughout my childhood, I was mesmerized with tastes, textures, and combinations of flavor, cuisines and recipes. My passion in food made me a double graduate in Food Science.  But that didn’t come easy. I had to study part time, work full time to earn my Bachelors degree followed by MBA in Marketing.  Two decades later after working for multi-national companies like Revlon Cosmetics and Takasago Fragrances, today I feel accomplished and satisfied to have a creative career while have contributed to many successful products in the market. I always felt the need to work for the community and do something that impacts people’s lives directly and help them build better teams, better educational programs for kids and especially the special needs kids. So I founded SensMood to share my expertise of Flavor and Scent with the world and change the way we look at learning. I quit a high flying career and paycheck, to give back my scent knowledge to the community, because there is so much more joy in giving back than getting.
    – Prena Mirchandani
    Founder & Fragrance Connoisseur 
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